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SkiDurham.Com is a FREE website that ties all information on local ski resorts, businesses, and upcoming events together in one easy-to-use location.

SkiDurham.Com is the #1 search engine result when looking for ski in Durham. The site itself generates more than 20,000 unique visitors a month before the skiing and snowboarding season begins, and rises significantly during peak times.

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The cost to ski and snowboard varies by resort and location. We have made it easier for you to compare prices and check out deals from each ski resort, found in the 'Ski Resort' tab. For a chance to win prizes, view coupons, and get great deals, visit the 'Promotions' tab.

Yes! We are updating content on a regular basis that allows users and members to compare prices of different ski resorts in durham. For information on prices, see the 'Ski Resorts' tab.

You can find many different products at a range of prices by accessing local businesses through our directory. Simply follow the tab "Ski Resorts", and browse through our listings.

Yes there is! If you are in grade 4 or 5 (born in 2001 or 2002) you can apply for a SnowPass through SnowPass.Ca. There also many different coupons and promotions that allow discounted skiing and boarding.

Resort & Business Locations

The closest ski resort depends on your location. You can view the different ski resort locations on one map by viewing the "Ski Resort" tab.

Each resort is different in terms of location, pricing, hours and services. You can view each resort individually in our directory to see what each one offers, or see a comparison of the main features for each resort through the "Promotions" tab.

There are many businesses and stores that sell equipment in the Durham region. Our directory in the " tab lists many of these companies by category to suit your needs. There is also a great option for members of the SkiDurham.Com site to sell or buy their own equipment through the "Socialize" tab, by visiting the "Classifieds" section.

There are a few ski resorts in the Durham region. On SkiDurham.Com, we list these resorts in the "Ski Resorts" tab and offer information for each resort, including operating hours, costs, services, and slope maps.

Hours of operation vary depending on ski resort and weather conditions. To see up-to-date operating hours, view each of the ski resort homepages for updates. These links can be found in the 'Durham Slopes' folder in the "Ski Resorts" tab.

Prizes, Promotions & Coupons

SkiDurham.Com is a central hub that finds ski and snowboard promotions from a variety of sources that can offer users and members of the site discounts and other promotional offers. To find the flyers and promotions that best suits your needs, browse our "Promotions" tab.

Prizes will be drawn on a weekly basis when the winter season commences. Prizes will vary in size and value. Prize candidates will differ depending on site and member participation or involvement on the SkiDurham.Com social groups. Remember, it is FREE to join SkiDurham.Com as a member, and FREE to create a social profile. To view active contests, visit the "Contest" section of the 'Promotions' tab.

Other Q&As

Yes you can! All the local resorts offer giftcards for skiing, snowboarding, shops, etc. In order to purchase one, visit each of their websites or call.

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